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What Happens if Someone is Injured in Your Pool?

Have you considered what might happen if someone—say a visiting family member or friend—were to sustain an injury—or even drown—while swimming on your property? That’s right, you could be held liable.

Do Fitness Trackers Put Your Security at Risk?

Insurance companies are using technology for your benefit; can it also compromise your personal information?

Most Likely to Rent, Least Likely to Insure

While renting can be smart move if you’re not quite ready to lay down roots, one thing that isn't wise is skimping on Renters insurance.

Be prepared for all that Mother Nature throws your way

Hurricanes. Volcanoes. Typhoons. Landslides. If there’s one thing you can’t control, it’s the weather.

Where can you skimp and save a bunch on auto insurance?

Looking to save on auto insurance?  Whether you’re reviewing your current policy or purchasing a new one, choosing your coverage carefully can save you a bundle.

Does Your Car’s Color Impact Insurance Premiums?

Will your red car cost you more to insure? Not at all.  Red, black or white – it makes no difference.  In most cases, your insurance company doesn’t even know what color car you drive.